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- Pablo

pablo-alejandro quinones


I am a researcher, designer, artist, and musician. I am a graduate of the School of Information at the University of Michigan (completed Sept 2013, degree conferred Dec 2014).

Career Interests
I am most excited about people and technology. Those interests have taken me on a career path where those two interests intersect, research and design to help make technology better. After completing my PhD in Information Science, I have made the decision to leave academia and join the community of user experience (UX) and (HCI) practitioners. I am excited to work on design projects as well as lending my expertise on user research and usability testing.

My academic background includes a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University (2005) and a PhD from the School of Information at University of Michigan (2013). In some of my past work, I have conducted research on cross-cultural collaboration and computer-mediated communication, testing interfaces in the lab, and working on tough usability issues in complex systems. I have also participated in research on assistive technologies for the visually impaired and intelligent assistants.

Other Interests
I have a passion for art and design. Nothing pleases me more than the construction of beautiful and functional objects. You can see some of the results of my creative endeavors in the Artwork section of my site. Feel free to look around!

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